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Tuzla, 22.11.2011. godine



5th Ismiss Congress in Turkey on Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery and Interventional Treatments


“It is not difficult to change, but if you have the idea that it is, then it will become difficult” Osho.

It has not been that easy to change what we have learnt and the conventional methods we have used for years and switch to minimally invasive methods. The biggest obstacle before us has always been the things we have thought to be correct. Despite all, we have relentlessly continued with our studies. We needed to engage in evidencebased medicine in order to be included in textbooks on conventional treatment methods;however, initially we confined ourselves only to publications based on personal observation and breakthroughs. Randomized double-blinded studies have been conducted throughout the years. While on one hand, MISS has begun to be used in many centers, on the other hand, the community has grown in membership through tens of congresses and training meetings.

We have impacted this point by giving an award to the Evidence-based Class B study at the 4TH ISMISS meeting. Now, it is time to launch multi-center and meta-analysis applications. We are going to support multi-center meta-analysis studies during our meetings. We declare that we are going to support the studies which will apply to us for this purpose, by creating a fund of €10,000.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Whether you can observe a thing or not depends on the theory which you use. It is the theory which decides what can be observed.” We have reflected our theory on our observations.

The other objective of our meeting this year is to engage in parallel studies with World MISS Congresses and support them and publish evidence-based studies and meta analyses all around the world.

We claim that even the seemingly most complex spine complications can be solved by using the methods offered by MISS. Decompression is not sufficient and we have to engage in cellular treatment which would provide regeneration. The first condition to these treatments is to intervene in the patient without harming normal tissues. And intervention without harming normal tissues is possible with MISS which is proved to be an effective method today.

This year, we are expecting to see our participants submit detailed reports in the fields of decision-making, diagnosis and treatment planning.

We will continue to prepare ground for informative conferences, as well as evidencebased studies supported with precious experiences. This year, we will try to see through the eyes of the Gypsy girl depicted on the mosaics at Zeugma. Hope to see you at a scientifically prolific environment that features some long discussion sessions.

Tolgay SATANA M.D.
ISMISS Board Member
Course Coordinator


Ured za međuuniverzitetsku saradnju u zemlji i inostranstvu