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Tuzla, 13.09.2010. god.





October 6, 2010 - Conference / October 7, 2010 - Workshops

Sheraton Maslak Istanbul



October 6, 2010 - Conference


Opening Speach

Atilla Yildiztekin // Summit Chairman

Innovative Solutions in Supply Chain: A Successful Case Study

Joel Sutherland // Managing Director Center for Value Chain Research Lehigh University, USA
This presentation will provide early results of an innovative collaborative supply chain solution. Small to medium sized confectionery (i.e. candy) companies must find ways to compete with industry giants such as Nestle, Mars and Hershey in order to survive.

Cold Chain Application During Supply Chain

Altan Sekmen // Havi Lojistics Turkey Managing Director
This presentation will cover description of Cold Chain and the relation with Food Safety System . Important and practical information related to cold chain applications for supply chain processes (except production and point of sale) will be discussed, From Social Responsibility point of view and conclusion will be also considered

Communication of Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Models

Selami Yildirim // Business Network Solutions Turkey / Managing Partner
For many organisations the pressure is increasing to reduce costs, increase quality and shorten product development cycle times. Companies are now rightly looking to heir supply base to help lower costs and give them the competitive advantage they need to survive. Customer Focus in Consumer Society, Information Pyramid, P&C concepts in Changing Marketing, Create to Value Chain, Win-Win Formula and the Long-term Cooperation Act, Theories, Strategic Management and Process will be discussed.

Coffee Break

The Benefits of Electronic Reverse Auction - A Compelling Case for its Use by Buyers and Suppliers

Shunmugham Pandian (Ph.D.) // University Of Plymouth, UK
Global competition is daily forcing the companies to take decisions faster and righter than ever. There are two things that leave the manager sleepless; is the investment you undersigned going to live up to your expectations ? Are your operations being executed with maximum efficiency everyday ? The speaker will talk about simulation technologies which are able to precisely show the future performance of investments from today, and demonstrate optimization tools that enables the execution of production and logistics processes continuously with maximum profitability

Manage Your Supply Chain With Right Decisions. Can Simulation Show You the Future? Can Optimization Decide For You?

Tolga Yanaşik // Dijitalis Software / Business Development Manager
Are your operations being executed with maximum efficiency everyday ? The speaker will talk about simulation technologies which are able to precisely show the future performance of investments from today, and demonstrate optimization tools that enables the execution of production and logistics processes continuously with maximum profitability

Supply Chain Network Strategy

Hakan Yildiz (Ph.D.) // Michigan State University, USA
Being faced with continuous challenges to compete in today's marketplace, companies need to create and maintain efficient, flexible and reliable supply chains. Strategic supply chain design and analysis must consider a wide range of alternatives with respect to facility locations, capacity allocation, supplier selection, market allocation, cost-service levels, constraints and risk factors. In this presentation, we will look at some of these issues that are relevant for designing a good supply chain network while considering important risk factors.

Lunch Time

Retail Logistics and Green Logistics

Ömer Baybars Tek (Ph.D.) // Yaşar University, International Logistics Management Dept
This presentation willl take up the measures to be taken and preparations to be made by retail organizations with respect to environment friendly green retailing logistics. Also the leading implementations will be touched upon and a descriptive situational analysis of Turkish retailers will be discussed.

Planning and Optimizing Distribution Strategy by Analytic Methods

Thibault Quiviger // Founder of Enetek, France
This presentation is based on the business case of a medical device manufacturer re engineering its distribution network in Asia. This kind of problem can be symmetrically considered for sourcing networks, it is just about reversing the flows...
This presentation will highlight how optimizing the location, number of distribution centers and the product flows (which product from which plant to which Dc) and can contribute to reduce inventories, improve service level and improve parallel functions such as sales forecast and customer support. But beyond the example, we will show that a sourcing or distribution network is not a static organization in fast growing markets but must evolve through different stages depending on demand growth, customer requirements and relative costs (transport vs inventory...

Emerging Trends in Supply Management: The Need for a Paradigm Shift

Ram Narasimhan (Ph.D.) // Michigan State University, Director, USA
This presentation will cover some of the key emerging trends in supply management including the need to manage knowledge flows, cash flows and information flows. Supply Management has an unparalled opportunity to deliver profits, growth and sustainability. The presentation will underscore the multi-dimensionality of value creation in today's corporate environment and supply management's role in it.


Coffee Break


Using Supply Chain Management for Competitive Advantage and Increased Profits

Michael Hugos // Center for Innovation / General Manager, UK
Examples from Mr. Hugos’s supply chain book and his work with Starbucks Coffee and other companies.


E-Tender and E- Purchasing Applications in Supply Chains for Strategic Partnership

Ahmet Dalyan // Promena / General Manager
The E-Tender and E-Purchasing systems aim to provide added value by creating competition within the scope of Strategic Purchasing Projects that bring suppliers together in a transparent and fair environment independent of geographical location, time zone, language or currency. This presentation covers best practices to increase productivity and transfer companies into an electronic environment by replacing the traditional system of gathering quotes via fax, email or delivery of proposals in writing.


Supplier Management and Evaluation

Carmen Molina // Achilles Group, Director, UK
Sustainable procurement services encompass everything from finding and selecting potential suppliers, through to pre-qualifying, evaluating and monitoring performance. Each of these is an important step towards the continuous management of risk throughout the supply chain. This presentation will cover the methods of suppliers management and evaluation process.

Supppliers Selection, Evaluation and Auditing Process

Ayşe Büyükmizrak Özel // Novo Nordisk Saglik Urunleri
The most critical decision for the companies choosing strategic partners is the evaluation period of supplier selection. Correct decisions may create a great advantage for the supply chains and costs but wrong decisions may have a negative effect on the public image and reputation of companies. For those reasons the selection process is very critical. This presentation is the share of great experience and will give us how to proceed during this critical process

Closing and Evaluation of the Day

October 7, 2010 - Parallel Workshops

1. Workshop

Analytical Methods for Supply Chain Management

Hakan Yildiz (Ph.D.) // Michigan State University, USA

This workshop will help the attendees to develop practical analytical and spreadsheet skills while introducing quantitative modeling tools that are widely used to aid management decision making. We will focus on structuring complex business decision problems to make them tractable by systematically identifying alternatives, objectives, constraints, and uncertainties, and quantifying the relationships among them. We will use examples from different functional areas of supply chain management.

2. Workshop

Are Your Safety Stocks Right Sized? How to decide, based on experience or mathematics?

Real Methods Applied in Amazon and the Auchan Groups

Thibault Quiviger // Founder of Enetek, France

The objective of this workshop is to help attendees understand how transport costs, inventory costs (especially safety stocks), products features and customer requirements interplay when designing an optimal sourcing/distribution network. We will start from the demand and demand variability for a full product range of a given industry, analyze transport costs and inventory costs (using the usual normal distribution for demand), attendees will come down to a specific formula re computing the optimal number of distribution centers based on the parameters of any specific industry : value of products, average weight and volume, transport costs, supply chain lead time vs service level required by customer - delivery lead time and service time -... Out of this quantitative formula, attendees will then compare the distribution strategies of different industries, understand the evolution of specific players in different industries (from heavy industries to electronics or Internet based companies). Finally, they will imagine different solutions to modify the driving parameters of their own industries (product features, customer requirements...) and find relevant examples in other industries which will have already implemented this kind of solutions.

3. Workshop

Effective Communication

Effective Negotiation During Purchasing and Sales

Selami Yildirim // Business Network Solutions Turkey / Managing Partner

Individualistically, first of all reached to ourselves, creating and improving awareness, obtaining a new approaches and a new point of view. Our aims are; setting off common interests in our business lives, with the people who is surrounding us, by creating real empathy ‘’ flexibility of psychology ‘’ generating notional approach which carries paradigms to selective perception.

Effective Communication / Effective Negotiation During Purchasing and Sales , The Magic World of Communication, Secrets of Geometry , 3 Basic Mission of Communication, Group Discussion , Who is Who? (Individual workshop), Action Plan will be disscussed

Lunch Time

4. Workshop

Unlocking the Strategic Potential of Supply Management: Lessons from Leading Edge Firms

Ram Narasimhan (Ph.D.) // Michigan State University, Director, USA

The workshop will offer practical guidance for practitioners based on the experiences of leading-edge firms. It will cover four key areas of supply management: strategic cost management, developing a risk management management system to assure continuity of supply in global operations, setting up a performance measurement system aligned with corporate strategy and current best practices.

5. Workshop

Building Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage and Increased Profits

Michael Hugos // Center for Innovation / General Manager, UK

See how to use supply chains to make your company more competitive and increase the value of your products. Most customers have needs that go beyond just the product alone. Learn to identify those needs and how to deliver customized supply chain services to meet customer needs. See how to build simple but effective supply chain systems that turn products into timely solutions for customer needs. Mr. Hugos uses specific case studies and techniques.

6. Workshop

Realising Sustainable Cost and Efficiency Gains Through Effective Purchasing Strategies

Shunmugham Pandian (Ph.D.) // University Of Plymouth, UK

This workshop will analyse and discuss these innovative purchasing strategies with various case studies associated with successful companies. The participation offers the purchasing professionals a significant exposure and a new insight into understanding the best practices adopted in other companies to realise the cost and efficiency gains

Certificate Ceremony & Closing Cocktail
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