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New Calls in the People Programme of FP7

The 'People' Specific Programme is being implemented through different categories of actions:
1. Life-long training: Actions aiming at supporting experienced researchers in acquiring new skills thank to stays abroad: Intra-European Fellowship (IEF), Career Integration Grant (CIG) and COFUND
2. International dimension: Actions aiming at increasing the co-operation with third countries: International Outgoing Fellowship (IOF), International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) and International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)
3. Initial training: The Initial Training Network (ITN) aims to improve early-stage researchers’ career perspectives in both public and private sectors
4. Industry-Academia: The Industry-Academia Partnerships & Pathways scheme (IAPP) aims to increase the co-operation between industry & academia sectors

Currently, the following calls are open:
FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF - Intra-European Fellowships for Career Development (IEF)
Deadline: 11 August 2011 17.00, Budget € 109 850 000,
This action is to support the career development, or restart, of experienced researchers at different stages of their careers, and seeks to enhance their individual competence diversification in terms of skill acquisition at multi- or interdisciplinary level and/or by undertaking intersectoral experiences. The aim is to support researchers in attaining and/or strengthening a leading independent position, e.g. principal investigator, professor or other senior position in education or enterprise.

FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IIF - International Incoming Fellowships (IIF)
Deadline: 11 August 2011 17.00, Budget € 40 000 000
The action provides financial support to individual research projects presented by the incoming experienced researchers in liaison with a legal entity ('host organisation') in a Member State or an associated country, as well as possibly with a 'return host organisation' if the researcher was active in an International Cooperation Partner Country before the incoming phase.

FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IOF - International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development (IOF)
Deadline: 11 August 2011 17.00, Budget € 40 000 000

This action aims to reinforce the international dimension of the career of European researchers by giving them the opportunity to be trained and acquire new knowledge in a high-level organisation active in research, established in an other third country (outgoing phase). Subsequently, these researchers will return with the acquired knowledge and experience to an organisation in a Member State or associated country.

FP7-PEOPLE-2011-CIG - Career Integration Grants (CIG)
Deadline: 6 September 2011, 17.00, Budget € 40 000 000
Its objective is to reinforce the European Research Area by encouraging researchers to establish themselves in a Member State or in an associated country, for example after a period of mobility. The action is designed to provide the researchers who have been offered a stable position and who are considering establishing themselves in Europe, with their own research budget, thus
contributing to the scientific success of their research career. The action is intended to improve considerably the prospects for the permanent integration of researchers who are taking up, for the first time, a stable post in Europe.

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Ured za naučno-istraživački rad